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ZESA Introduces Groundbreaking Incentive for Solar Energy Users

Senior Reporter

Struggling national power utility ZESA has announced a new network metering system aimed at reducing consumers’ and the country’s electricity bills.

In a press statement released last week, the power utility’s distribution arm ZEDTC said the Net Metering Scheme will allow customers who are generating renewable energy at their premises to feed excess power back into the ZETDC network through a grid-tied inverter.

“ZETDC is inviting all customers with solar systems to participate in the net metering program to enjoy reduced electricity bills. All existing ZEDTC customers with solar power in their homes qualify for net metering,” the statement read in part.

In an effort to encourage customers to generate excess power, ZEDTC explained that the excess will be measured and credit units are given back to the generating customer.

“The credited units will assist in reducing the total customer bill at the end of the month and also ensure domestic consumers benefit by buying their electricity at a lower tariff band. Net metering is beneficial to the power utility and the nation at large through the saving of foreign currency through import substitution of power,” explained the national power utility.

Residents who spoke to Harare News said that the move by ZESA was in the right direction as it is environmentally friendly and will increase the use of renewable energy by offering rewards to customers.

Isaac Masema (43) from Hatfield said, “Due to the incessant load shedding, many people are now using solar for back-up power so the net metering system will now enable customers to at least reap some benefits from the excess power they generate thereby reducing electricity bills,” said Masema.

Residents all across the city have over the past few months experienced massive load shedding due to power shortages which have been attributed to the country’s dilapidated power generation units. The government is currently working on rehabilitating the Hwange power station which is expected to stabilise Harare’s dire power situation upon completion.

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