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Know Your Ward – Mufakose Ward 36

Harare’s Ward 36 is one of Harare’s high density areas and includes the neighborhood, Mufakose which is one of the city’s most popular and oldest suburbs. Ward 36 includes parts of Mufakose and New Marimba and according to the last census has a population of 12,993 people.

Schools: Mufakose High 2, Mufakose High 3, Mutukura Primary School

Clinics: Mufakose Clinic

Police Stations: Marimba Police Station

Council Offices: Mufakose District Office

Community Halls: Area E Hall

Boundaries: Nzou Rd, Chitoto Rd, Musasa Mutamba Rd, New Marimba Rd

Shopping Centers: OK Shopping Centre and Marimba Shopping Centre

Popular Buildings or Structures: OK Shop


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