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Council Backpedals Decision to Splash US$1 million on Refuse Truck Hire

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Senior Reporter

Ratepayers were relieved on Friday after City Council announced that it was no longer proceeding with its seemingly ill-advised resolution to hire refuse removal equipment for US$1 million.

A joint Environmental Management and Finance and Development committee meeting held on the 12th of August, 2021 had resolved to hire 10 tippers, a dozer and a front-end loader for two months for US$1 million, a decision that was excoriated by many stakeholders who felt that it was a waste of money.

According to the breakdown, Council had reportedly budgeted a total of US$986,850 (RTGS$83,882,250) and US$897,750 (RTGS$76,308,750) was set aside for hiring 10 tippers for dump clearance in all suburbs.

The local authority proposed to hire a D8 dozer for US$40 500 (RTGS$3 442 500) and a front-end loader for US$48 600 (RTGS$4,131,000) for use in the spreading and compaction of waste at Golden Quarry.

Due to pressure from the media and various stakeholders, Council back-pedalled on their decision saying that they have turned down the resolution to hire equipment after carrying out a due diligence check on the costs of hiring and opted instead to acquire the equipment.

Though plausible that the City Fathers have finally come to their senses, it is sad to note that Council is in the habit of making not so well-thought-out resolutions.

According to a report by a local daily, a single 20 cubic tipper truck costs US$59,200 locally and calculations show that with US$1 million, Council could purchase 16 tippers.

However, City of Harare Spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme on Friday said that Council has reversed course and taken the cost-effective route of buying the equipment instead.

“As part of due diligence, the council sought the cost of hiring and when the figures were presented it was deemed unnecessary to hire because of the huge costs. It was then agreed to allow due process in the acquisition of new trucks to take place. The tender closed [Wednesday]. An award has been made and we are now waiting for the delivery of the trucks,” said Chideme.

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